How To Stop Your Dog From Howling: A Dog'S Howl Is Just A Howl, Not A Howl! Dog'S Howl

Dogs howl to communicate. It doesn't make much sense to most people, but a dog is trying to tell you something. Each howl a dog does can be interrupted depending on their sound, type, and situation.

Puppy Lab Howling In A Patch Of Grass

If you want to stop excessive howling, you first need to understand why dogs howl. A howl is a sustained noise. It is longer than a single bark and can vary in tone. Some dogs might do it in a low voice.

Floppy eared dog howling in a field of flowers

Others might go high. The sound is usually distinguished by the length of the noise. A bark will be repeated instead of becoming a long noise. This is a unique sound that not every dog uses. It can be used by hunting dogs to show they have found something. Dogs can learn that a particular howl can get them attention.

huskies on a riverbed of rocks howling at the setting sun

If your dog isn’t getting enough stimulation, they might be acting out to get attention. A good way to get your dog to howl less is to spend more time with it. CBD oil reduces stress and anxiety in dogs. It helps them stay calm and not howl as much because of separation anxiety. CBD Oil works just as well on dogs as it does on humans. Natural Doggie Hemp CBD Infused Virgin Coconut Oil is available. . .

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