Fleas On Dogs: How To Keep Them Out Of Your Dog'S Skin And Away From Your Pet'S Blood Supply

Fleas are very small insects that live on a dog’s skin and feed on a pet”s blood supply. Peak flea season is late summer but can be year-round in a warm, tropical climate. Adult female fleas can start laying eggs within twenty-four hours of their first blood meal.

Brown and white dog on a walk through the woods taking a break to scratch its self

Fleas are small and brown to black-colored bugs that can be seen moving through your dog's haircoat. Fine-toothed flea combs can help bring adult fleas to the surface. Even if you don't see active adult flea fleas, you might see flea feces. Oral medications and topical treatments are available to help remove fleas. Coconut oil repels fleas and does this through a component called lauric acid. Bravecto is effective against fleas but does nothing for eggs and larvae. Prescription-quality flea prevention products like Trifexis and Bravectox are excellent because they act on all parts of the flea life cycle. Early detection can make a world of difference. With good prevention methods and tips from your doctor, you can break a flea cycle. Erica Irish is a general practitioner in an animal hospital. Since 2006 she has worked in the veterinary field. .

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