How To Cut Dog Nails With A Scissor Clipper

Unhealthy nail polish on a dog can cause pain and irreversible damage to a dog. A dog’s nail consists of the living pink quick material. The hard outer material is called the shell.

Dog with black nails being cut by their owner

There are nerves in the quick which cause bleeding and discomfort when cut. With regular nail trimming, the quick will recede. But shorter quicks are preferred. If you are going to do it yourself at home, make sure you do it in a well-lit area.

White dog getting its nails cut with a scissor clipper

Make it a calm experience for your dog by rubbing his feet so they get used to being touched. Or someone can gently hold the dog while you trim. Only "scissor" type clippers should be used.

Happy Boston terrier with freshly trimmed nails

Use a pair of small-sized clippers to hold the clippers better. How to cut a dog nail clipper with a nail screw. Hold your dog s foot steady and gently. Then, you take a small piece off the end of each of his toenails. If the dog's nail feels kind of spongy while trying to cut it, stop immediately. Molly Boman is a dog lover and author.

Groomer cutting a dogs nails on a table

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