How To Train A Dog To Walk On A Leash: What You Need To Know And How To Get It To Do It

How to train your dog to walk on a lead: What you need to know . Introducing Your Dog To The Harness/Collar/Leash. Our pups are not born with the ability to walk with a rope or instantly affect the new collar that is placed on their neck.

A person walking three small dogs across a crosswalk

Similar to a toddler trying to learn how to walk around in shoes, if they are not used to these restraints, they will thrash or chew on their leash the first time you take them for a walk. To help them adjust to a comfortable area, it’d best to let them wear their new collar/harness/leash around your home. Use them during Play Time to help your dog associate their lashing or enjoyment time. Play a game of fetch with the new dog on. They give their favorite bone or any other activity that makes them happy. If they ever wear their collar for a trip to the Vet, they'll instantly associate it with it. Use a sound command to get your dog ready to come to you when it's time to go for a long walk. You can do this by using a clickser, saying a certain command, or by using any other sound that you will use when it is time to take a dog walk. Most dogs will require a few practice runs before they are comfortable enough to walk outside on the lead. Yelling or offering negative reinforcement will only put your dog off the activity. Be sure to refrain from getting frustrated throughout the process and be sure to have your treats ready! How to Train Your Dog to Walk On A Lead: Most dogs are bound to act up at some point. Some of the most common behaviors and ways to handle them include pulling, pulling, and pulling on the string. Many dogs are guilty of lunging at different distractions throughout their walk. By redirecting them and offering them a treat or form of praise, you can prevent them from lunging. If your dog is constantly chewing at their collar and attempting to chew their collar, it may be a sign that they are just yet used to it. . . .

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