White Poodle At Park Looking Happy

Poodles are a popular breed with the French aristocracy. The name poodle comes from the German Pudelhund pudel which means puddle or splashes about. The poodle is bred to fit into three different sizes.

White poodle at park looking happy

These sizes are the standard, the miniature and the toy. Poodles breed mainly for hunting and retrieving sports dogs. They are very intelligent and can be trained as service dogs, such as hearing dogs or guide dogs. Some are also trained as entertainment dogs. Many poodles have a curly-haired coat. They have hair instead of fur, which makes them good for people with allergies. They also have quite high maintenance grooming needs. If you plan to keep your poodle's hair cut short, they need daily grooming. Common health issues new owners should be aware of include hip dysplasia. It can occur in any breed of dog, and can occur at any age. It is a joint condition where the joint doesn't fit into the socket as it should. Mild cases can be managed with medication. Cataracts are cloudiness in the eye. Epilepsy is the most common condition in poodlers. The Poodle was Elvis Presley 's favorite dog breed. . . .

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