Letting Your Dog Off The Leash Can Be Dangerous For Your Dog And Disrespectful To Your Community: Dog Owners Association Of The Great Lakes (Gol)

Letting your dog off the lead can be dangerous for your dog and unpatriotic to your community. Your dog must be trained to behave well and stay right by your side or under your voice control at all times when it is off the collar. If your dog is in good health, is even-tempered, has a minimal prey drive, has never shown signs of aggression, and does not have “wanderlust,” there is a chance it could get lost, be hit by a car, ingest a toxin, get in a dogfight, be attacked by a wild animal, or cause damage to property. Some people are afraid of dogs. Advanced training can reduce the chances of your dog getting in harm's way. Start by establishing a solid foundation of basic commands. These basic commands are: Obey, stay, come, stay and stay. Your pet must learn that it is highly valuable to stay close to you. This can be through praise or treats. Practicing the "look" command while you dog is on the leash around a lot of distractions will help out tremendously. If you use clickser training, try to capture the desired behaviors. Practice natural check-ins. Don't push your dog's limits or become too trusting or comfortable with them. Dogs who are afraid for thunder, fireworks, a car backfiring, etc. may run off out of fear. Some dogs simply want to explore too much. They may run away while ignoring anything you say or do. Always put safety first. . . .

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