Spaying And Neutering Your Cat Is The Best Way To Keep Your Pets Healthy And Happy: Healthnews

Cat's can have two or three litters every year if they are not spayed. Each litter has between one and eight kitties. Learning about your cat's reproductive cycle can help you plan for breeding purposes or to make sure you don't have more pets than you deserve. The breeding season in cats is year-round. March through September is generally regarded as the breeding season. Anestrus is when there is no cycling. It happens during months of shorter daylight, October through December. If for no other reason, this alone is justification for the spaying and neutering of pets. Cats are called "polyestrous. " This means they will go into heat cycles periodically. Heat cycles in cats last from several days to two weeks or longer. Many veterinarians now practice early spay and neuter for this reason. If you suspect that your pet is sick , immediately call your local veterinary office. .

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