Eclampsia Is A Rare Condition That Can Be Fatal For Nursing Dogs

Eclampsia is a drop in blood calcium levels. It strikes some nursing dogs. If not treated, it can cause agitation, muscle tremors, seizures, and even death. You should know the signs and symptoms if you own a female dog used for breeding. This is especially true if your dog is a small breed. Eclampsiosis is a condition marked by a severe drop in sodium circulating in the dog's blood. It usually comes on quickly. However, because the initial symptoms can be subtle, it is easy for the dog and owner to miss them until the condition advances. If untreated, the eclampsias can turn into symptoms that can include muscle stiffness (tetany), muscle spasms or tremors , high fever, coma, and death. Causes of eclampia are complex. They are basically caused by a lack of sufficient dietary calcium during gestation combined with the demands on the female dog's calcium stores during pregnancy. E lampsia can be diagnosed based on the dog owner's symptoms, the age of the dog, and the results of a calcium blood test. The dog will be taken to the hospital and given intravenous calcium. He will be closely monitored. Most dogs make a quick and full recovery with prompt treatment. The best way to prevent eclampingia is to avoid supplementing the pregnant dog with calcium during pregnancy . Your Vet may recommend starting calcium supplementation at the end of pregnancy. . . .

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