Limp Tail Is The Result Of An Injury Or Overexertion

Limp tail is the result of an injury or overexertion. It affects working and athletic dogs but can occur in any breed. A dog with a limp tail usually shows signs of injury within a few hours of intense physical activity. The most obvious sign of a limp is a hanging, droopy tail that doesn't wag as usual. If the tail is touched, the dog may cry or cry in pain. (source:max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/my-dog-cant-wag-its-tail-3384922-03-5cb1f9f207f4465abb8a523fe6ad67f9. JPG) Limp tail symptoms are a condition where a dog's tail is limp. Common sense during physical activity should be used if a dog has a limp wagging tail. Dogs should be allowed to rest regularly during excessive activity.

Golden retriever dog running intensely with ball in mouth

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