Learn To Sit And Stay As A Form Of Doggy Behavior: Dog Commands

Learning to sit and stay is a form of polite doggy behavior. Planting their tails helps keep high energy pups under control. Learning to sit can also be used to ask you to open the door or give a toy, or thank you for serving food. A "sit-stay" command just asks the dog to sit in place and extends the leg-floor contact time. To be awarded points for this portion, a dog has to sit still for one minute while other dogs do the same. Then, you stand across the room. Puppies that understand the concept of "stay" need the practice to extend the duration as well as distractions. Cut high-quality treats into fingertip-size nibbles that your dog eats only during training. Dog commands are a popular way to communicate with your dog. For more information on dog commands, visit www. dogcommands. com. .

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