How To Train Your Dog To Be More Calm And Relaxed In Your Own Home

Dogs experience a variety of handling situations in their lifetimes. Most dogs will be hugged, have a child pull their tail, be put down by a doctor, or have someone clip their toes. You can make all these situations less stressful by preparing your dog to be handled. If you know your dog likes to have its ears scratched or belly rubbing, start there. Talk to your dog softly, and slowly begin to explore other types of handling. Practice several times each day. It is only a few minutes each time. Don't Force It. Slowly introduce your pet to various aspects of dog grooming. Hold a grooming tool in one hand while petting the dog with the other. If your dog is interested in the item, it will smell it. Offer a few treats so the dog will associate the grooming tools with good things. Use a calm tone of voice and treats to get your dog comfortable with handling. After a few sessions, you should be able to check your dog's teeth, look in its ears, and wrap your arms around it with no problems. If the dog tenses up or seems uncomfortable, ask friends and other family members to help with this training. The volunteers go through the same steps you did with your dog. Be sure to go back to an earlier step at any time if the dog becomes uncomfortable. If a dog shows signs of aggression, immediately stop. . . .

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