Service Dogs: What You Need To Know About Them And How To Keep Them In Your Home

Service dogs are well trained animals that many of us see regularly. A typical service dog is very focused and well behaved and often on leashes. Most of the time you will see service dogs on leads.

Two Golden Retrievers sitting next to a woman wearing a blue collard shirt and jeans

This isn't always the case. Whether they're let off of a lead depends on what type of job they're doing and the circumstances. Service dogs for the blind help blind people see the world around them. Medical alert dogs are also available to watch for warning signs with those who have heart conditions. A mobility assistant dog helps people with mobility problems get around. Like any other well trained dog, leashes aren’t always necessary but are a good idea. Service dog are subject to the same rules and laws as normal dogs. A dog walking collar helps the dog stay in control at all times. It keeps them close to their job. This helps service dogs to have a good work ethic and promotes good behavior. Some service dogs should be trained not to pull on their leashes or circle around smells in the crowd. This would distract them from the service they're providing. They are allowed to use leashes by the ADA. This means that it interferes with their jobs. There are a few exceptions to these rules. These are some of the main exceptions. Not all service dogs have to be on lead. This allows them to behave properly and keeps their minds on their duties. Sometimes they can go off of the leashes, but that is usually when their duties require it! If their dog is down because of a health condition, a service dog can leave on their own to find help. . . .

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