Why Your Dog Is Vomiting (And What To Do About It)

There are many reasons your dog may be vomiting. Some dogs will eat something that does not agree with their stomachs. This can lead to a bacterial infection.

A brown and white bulldog laying on a brown leather couch under a brown blanket

Dog's intestines get used to the same food. They may start to gag when they change it. Foreign objects (toys, bones) in the GI Tract can be a sign of kidney failure. Parasites can also cause vomiting in your dog. If you see worm in your pet's poop, contact your doctor. They can prescribe medication. Just like kidney failure, a dog's liver can also have problems when they are old. Dogs with liver failure will have yellow color to their skin, inside their ears and gums. Pancreatitis is an inflammation of their pancreas. Large, deep-chested dogs can bloat if they eat something toxic. Vomiting is a common thing seen in dogs. Many times, this is because they are vomiting up something they should not have eaten. Over-eating (Food Bloat) can cause food to bloat, which will cause your dog to puke. Other symptoms to look out for that would indicate that your pet has a major problem include diarrhoea, blood in feces and blood in urine. . . .

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