Puppies Getting A Shot At The Veterinarians Office

Puppies need to be immunized every 3 to 4 weeks. Most veterinarians will give you a schedule where they need to get vaccination. This article will break down what shots are necessary for your dog and when is the best time to get them.

Husky Puppy Getting A Shot At The Veterinarians office

There are many different types of vaccination that your dog will get. The canine distemper attacks the respiratory system, the GI system, and the nervous system. Many pets who get distempered will die from this virus. Lyme disease is spread by tick exposure. Dogs do not have the same visual signs as human infections. Depending on what local law requires, your dog should get a DAPP vaccine every 1 to 3 years and a rabies vaccine. All these vaccines are essential to keep your pets healthy and happy. Each location will have different requirements. Some diseases are more prevalent in certain areas than others. By keeping your pet immunized , you are helping to keep them well. . . .

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