Chow Chows: A Dog'S Guide To Life With The Queen Of England'S Favorite Pet

The Chow Chow is a Chinese breed bred to serve the Chinese nobility and their hunting parties. After their spread to England, they quickly became popular. Queen Victoria was very fond of these puppers.

a picture of a chow chow puppy

They still exist as a popular breed throughout the country. Chow chows suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia. Their eyes are prone to glaucoma and cataracts. Coconut oil can also help with allergies as it reduces inflammation and has healing agents when used as a balm. . Puppers have a thick, warm coat. They can be prone to heat stroke. A good trim in late spring will make them happy in the summer months. Regular bath won't damage your dog's fur or skin. Brushing their coat to remove matting should be done regularly. These pups aren't as social and outgoing as many other breeds. They prefer to be aloof with strangers and potentially aggressive with other dogs. It can pay off with a highly devoted family companion. Because of the potential for aggressive behavior with other pups, it’d be important to research these dogs thoroughly. Chow Chow are great companions for those who want a more relaxed, dignified pet. However, they may be more interested in sitting on their own than anyone else. A Chow Chow can be happier in a sunbeam than running around in a yard. . . .

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