Spaying Or Neutering Your Female Cat Before She'S Pregnant Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Family'S Health And Well

If you missed the magic age for spaying your female cat and now she's pregnant, don't worry. You can support her through pregnancy, find good homes for the cats, and then spay her immediately. Aborting the pregnancy may seem harsh, but overpopulation is a problem. The age in which a cat reaches maturity varies. It depends on their genetics and environmental factors. Your queen may even show behavior such as scratching your favorite furniture to claim her territory. Talk to your vet to find out the best time to spay your cat. A cat's gestation period is roughly 2 months. This makes it possible for her to have as many as five litters a year. Some cats can experience a pseudopregnancy where they develop all the symptoms of pregnancy, including lactating, without actually being pregnant. Even geriatric cats can give birth. When you add up the number of cats a healthy, of-age cat can bear, the resulting care of both mother and babies seems daunting to a typical cat owner. Don't contribute to the unwanted pet population and spay or neuter your cat before you become a statistic. . . .

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