Hives, Also Known As Wheals, Are Bumps That Suddenly Appear On Your Dog'S Skin

Hives, also known as wheals, are a bump on your dog's skin. They may be accompanied by redness of the skin, facial swelling, and itching. They often mean your dog has been exposed to an allergen. Understanding what causes hives and how they are treated can be helpful. Dogs can be allergic to different plant matter. Insect bite and stings can cause hives. Hives usually appear on the body after a bite or stinging. However, breathing difficulties may also occur. Stinging nettles can be a problem when hunting dogs. Hive are not the same as individual tumors that may develop under your dog. They are usually found in groups. They appear suddenly and are often a small bump. Lumps can be hard to find on dogs with thick hair coats. They can be easier to see on the face and belly where there is usually less fur. Hives vs. Other skin lumps and bumps can look similar to hives . Skin lumps or bruises will not appear or disappear as quickly as hives can. If you have any concerns about a lesion on your pet's skin, have it checked out by your pet doctor. . .

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