Why Australian Shepherds Are A Great Choice For A Working Dog

Australian Shepherds are popular with farmers and ranch owners. They are well-trained, obedient and can help farm animals. They can also be used as a service animal or in a more laborious field like herding.

a blue Merle Australian Shepherd with one blue ye and one brown eye looking straight on at the camera

This article explains why they would be a great choice for a working dog. Australian shepherds were bred to herd. They become very intelligent and can quickly learn new tasks. There is no one breed that will be best for everyone. You must think about what work you need to do and if your new dog can handle it. There are many qualities that make an Australian Shepherd a great herding dog. Some of these dogs can be very stubborn and hard to train. Australian hepherds come in two different colors: they are red or blue. Australian Shepherd dogs are great family dogs and excellent working dogs. When owning an American Shepherd, you will want to be prepared for a high energy dog that will need lots of play and exercise. By keeping these dogs active and working, they stay out of trouble. . . .

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