Cataracts In Dogs: The Only Way To 100% Treat A Dog With Cataracts Is With Surgery

Cataracts form in the eye. The lenses become gray or white in the eyes. This color block light from entering the eye and impairs your dog's vision.

An old, black and white, cavalier king Charles spaniel outside

Certain breeds such as poodles and labors are more prone to developing cataracts. Cataracts do not appear immediately. Others can take years to develop. Some of the first signs of cataraction are disorientation and bumping into things. This is something to look out for. The only way to treat a dog with cataract is with surgery. This surgery is the same type of surgery done in people. Other diseases such as kidney or heart disease can make anesthesia a bad option for your dog. Non-surgical options won’t stop the progression of cat aracts. Make sure their bed and food and water bowls are in a safe, consistent place away from stairs. Put a child-proof gate on the stairs to stop them from going up and down them. Put paths between furniture that a dog can find its way through, and wide open spaces for them. CBD oil can be a great household item to give to dogs. .

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