How To Train Your Dog To Jump, Balance, And Run On A Homemade Dogagility Training Course (Video)

A good dog agility course can help you and your dog bond while letting them have a bit of fun. There are some homemade alternatives that will work for keeping a dog fit. Homemade versions require materials and time, but mainly PVC tubes.

Long haired spaniel running over a dog balance ramp with its tongue out

The Teeter-Totter is a very simple dog exercise piece. It is a fabric tunnel for your dog to run through. It tests your dog's coordination and impulse control. You need a strong fabric that your dog can't rip up.

Dalmatian jumping over a jump obstacle at a agility course

Build a jump using PVC pipe, weaving poles, tunnels and chutes. For a chute, all you need is some suitable fabric and Velcro. Dog agility isn’t just for pets who want to compete. It can also give a great physical and mental workout.

Small white dog happily running through yellow weave poles

It's also a great way to burn off some energy, fat, and get them thinking. . . .

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