Why Dogs' Noses Are Often Wet And What Signs May Indicate A Dog Is Sick

Dogs keep their nose wet and cool by licking their nose. Some people think nose moisture helps intensify scents. This is a benefit from dogs' wilder days when they needed a super-sensitive nose to find food, identify territories, and connect with mates. Find out why a dog's nose is often wet and what signs indicate a dog is sick. The sickly dog nose myth started with the canine distemper virus. It can cause hyperkeratosis (thickening) of the nose and footpads. Redness, open sores, scabs, or bleeding can indicate minor problems like an abrasion. An autoimmune disease called pemphigus can cause patches of red skin on the nose that develop into blisters and open sore. Not all nose color changes are dangerous, but skin tone changes are indicative of illness. If your dog has a fever or is overheat due to sweltering environmental conditions , it may be alarmingly hot. . . .

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