How To Stop Your Cat From Pooping In The Sink, Bathtub, Or Shower (And Peeing In Front Of You)

There are a few explanations as to why your cat suddenly abandoned its litter box and started pooping in the bathtub or sink. If your kitty is healthy, you can probably stop this unwanted behavior by changing things in your bathroom and making the litter box more attractive. Cats that make a point of eliminating in front of the owner, squirming to poop in your presence, may be crying out for help. Cystitis (inflammatory inflammation of the bladder) and bladder stones sometimes prompt cats to defecate in inappropriate places. Painful elimination due to constipation can cause cats to avoid the cat box if possible. Change in household dynamics is a frequent cause of stress and anxiety in sensitive cats. Changes in the daily routine can trigger stress for your cat. This can include a new work schedule :max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/pooping in a sink-or bathtub-554003-03-8957158771a54fa09522927b15517820. Make sure the cat litter box is not near where the cat eats and drinks.

Fresh cat litter being poured into second blue litter box

Some cats don't like covered or automatic cleaning boxes. Try a new litter brand. If the cat continues this behavior even after environmental changes have been made, a veterinary behaviorist that specializes in felines could be helpful. Some behavioral issues, especially issues stemming from anxiety, can be improved with the use of behavior modification medications.

Brown cat sitting on edge of sink with water running from faucet

Never give your pet any medication intended for human use. . .

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