Endurance Rides Are Races Over A Trail Of 50 To 150 Miles

Endurance Rides are races over 50 to 150 miles. Horses are checked by qualified veterinarians and judges before, during, and after the ride. To win, you must maintain a fast pace of over 10 miles an hour. Many people ride just to finish. (max _bytes(150000):stripedicc()/riding-saddle-on-her-horse-after-dressage training-623203734-5c12e6c3c9e77c0001f9d739. Almost any horse except the heaviest draft breeds, can be ridden. Horses with heavy muscles such as cobs, draft crosses, and ponies can be suitable as long as they aren't pushed too fast.

Rider putting saddle on her horse before dressage training

The most important piece of tack for an endurance rider is the saddle. Participants often camp overnight as starts are often in the early morning hours. You want to give your horse every opportunity to drink and eat along the trail. After the majority of horses have finished, awards and prizes are given out.

Female vet examining a horse

Riding a horse for 50 miles or more is an achievement regardless of whether you finish first or last place. Your goal won't be to win your first ride. You'll get fit, make friends, and learn more with each mile. . . .

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