Counter Surfing: How To Keep Your Dog From Jumping Up On The Kitchen Counter Or Other Counter In Your Home

Cock surfing is when your dog jumps up on a table or counter to help itself to whatever treats they might find up there. Your dog never gets rewarded for jumping up on the counter. Unless you are right there to supervise what is going on, the kitchen counter and table should be completely clear. Train your dog to keep all four paws on the floor. You can also teach your dog a place command that will send it to a mat or a bed in the kitchen. The dog is often reminded that it's more fun to keep its four feet on the ground than to leave the food on the table alone. If the dog responds to the "take it" command, wait until it has all four feet in the floor, ask the dog to sit, and then give it a treat. If your dog does not respond well to the above techniques, you may seek help from a dog trainer or behaviorist. A professional can help you figure out where the communication is breaking down between you and your dog. Put all your guests and family members on the same page. . . .

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