Emotional Support Dogs: What Are They And What Do They Do For People With Mental Health Problems?

There is no special type of animal that becomes an emotional support animal. All types of animals fly with their owners. Emotional support animals are used to help people with mental health problems.

Old Wirey haired dog providing support to their owner

People need to know they are not alone when they are suffering. They can offer support through their companionship. ESA dogs and other animals used for this purpose do not have the same rights. Service dogs are allowed in the public but ESAs are not. They detect the start of a psychiatric episode and help ease the effects.

Cocker spaniel laying on a sofa upside down

If your dog or cat is expected to provide a service for you, it is a top priority to ensure the best care for them. You can’t mess around when it comes to a dog or dog’s health, just as you take care of your own. Therefore, it's your responsibility to provide it.

White poodle getting treats for being supportive

Many people with emotional health problems can benefit from having someone to talk to to help them through tough times. . . .

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