Snow Nose Is A Condition In Which A Dog'S Nose Lightens From A Dark Color To A Light Brown Or Pink Color

Snow nose is a condition in which a dog's nose lightens from a dark color to light brown or pink. This hypopigmentation is a form of vitiligo. It is usually a temporary condition. It should not be a health concern. Snow nose is most commonly seen in Siberian huskies, golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers and Bernese mountain dogs. Cold weather may play a causal role in the snow nose. However, researchers have not proven this. Other possible influences include: weather changes, daylight, and an elevated enzyme. Disease of the nose can cause redness, bleeding and scabbing. There are three types of snow nose: pemphigis foliaceus, erythematosus and pemophigosus. Snow Nose is a cosmetic change in the pigment of a dog’s nose. Dogs that experience snow nose are generally healthy and will suffer no ill effects from the pigment change. There is no known treatment. . . .

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