Off-Leash Dog Training Is A Great Way To Bond With Your Pup And Keep Them Safe

Off-leash dog training is all about training your dog to follow your commands. This is true whether they are on or off the leash. A well-trained dog is reliable and consistent in a variety of settings. It gives you a dog that you can trust.

A brown dog walking through a stream in a green forest.

A dog that will come when called and follow orders in any setting is safer than an untrained canine. Make sure your dog is microchipped before you start training. This way, you will have a better chance of finding your furry friend. The tools and requirements you need include a clicker, a longline and treats. Recall Training Process: Put your dog's collar on a long lead in the ground in your hardwood or any other controlled area. Practice your basic commands at different distances. make sure they respond no matter how far apart you are. reward each successful trick with a treat and a clicksclicker sound. Off-LEASH dog training can be an incredible way to bond with your dog while giving them the tools they need to stay safe. A trained off-lash can safely enjoy trips to the dog park, adventures, walks through the park and more. . .

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