How To Feed Your Dog Veggies That Are Safe To Eat And Not So Toxic To Him (And Your Wallet)

Some vegetables are safe for dogs to eat. They can be very beneficial. However, some vegetables contain chemicals that do not interact well with a dog’s digestive system. Even if vegetables are not poisonous to dogs, they may still not be the ideal choice to feed your dog.

An overhead view of a dogs white paws on each side of a white plate holding a serving of broccoli on a green checkerboard tablecloth with a fork and knife on each side

Asparagus is non-toxic and can only be fed to dogs if prepared properly. Some mushrooms are incredibly toxic to dogs - although not all. All types of onion contain an alkaloid, N-propyl disulfide. It is very harmful to dogs. Brussel sprouts are not toxic. But, they can cause digestive upset. Green tomatoes contain solanine, which can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Cooked potatoes contain higher solanin levels. In severe cases, dogs may experience lethargy, weakness, and confusion. Avocados contain a toxic pesticide persin5 that can cause significant health issues in dogs including death. cabbage contains thiocyanate, and significant amounts can negatively impact the thyroid gland. . . .

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