Coconut Oil Dog Treats Are Easy To Make And Healthy For Your Pet

Coconut oil was prominent in many foods until the 1980s and 1990s. The American Heart Association warned about the dangers of too many unsaturated fats in human diets. In humans, it helps with “good” cholesterol which promotes better heart health.

a black and white dog, sitting next to a white shaggy dog, looking at a person with food in thier hands.

It can help your pets digestion, improve their coats, prevent infection and more. Too much of even one good thing can have negative effects. The easiest way to give your dog coconut oil is to put it in a tasty treat. The recipe only requires two ingredients: coconut oil and blueberries. You can use a standard ice tray to make these treats. However, a silicone mold tray is preferred. The gelatin powder is an animal protein that is thought to help support joint health. Frozen bananas, peanut butter, and coconut oil dog treats are easy to make and don't have to cook. coconut oil has many health benefits for your dog, and there are many easy dog treat recipe that use it as an ingredient. Be sure to gradually introduce new treats to avoid gastrointestinal upset. . . .

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