Puppies In Bathrobes Are One Of The Cutest Things Instagram Has To Offer

Puppies in bathrobes are one of the cutest things Instagram has to offer. We could all use a little pampering from time to time. That includes our pets. You might pick up some grooming tips along the way. Dachshunds are #Squad goals in their "hot dog water" days. Callie the long-haired German shepherd is one fabulous #influencer. All the pups on Insta are rushing to pet stores for their favorite spa products and shampoos. Puppy's Day Off is a day off for the little pups. Ollie the Labradoodle takes a bath in a candle-lit bath. Sullivan the Aussie doodle looks over the moon underneath all those soapy suds. Alfie the beagle likes to snack on lettuce. He looks like he's having a home spa day. Martha Stewart also gives her dogs a bath. It's all our life goals right now. You can go through the gallery to see more photos of Alfie. Maud Ma is in dog heaven in this beautiful drawn bath just for her. Chow chows are some of the fluffiest dog breeds around. A good wash is of the utmost importance. Spud the bulldog's latest vacation looks nicer than the one I took. Big Jay may be brashful, but at least he's clean. Don't be shy, Jay! Show off what you've got. .

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