The 10 Best Hikes For Dogs In The World (And They'Re Not Just For Dogs)

Puppy boarding resorts pamper your dog to no end, but some dogs would rather go out and get their coat dirty. Any athletic dog will love a nice hike. The lazy dog will prefer to ride along in your back pack. Elijah Blue and Deep Blue Sea are on this Aussie's horizon. Elijah will bring us along on his next trip if we ask him. Be sure to keep a few tips in mind when you and your pooch go off to the ocean. These pups enjoyed a well-deserved dinner out on the town after their hike. Jealous doesn't even begin to describe the look on their faces. Pippin the flat-coated golden dog brings adventure with her everywhere she goes. Barney, Benji, Monty, and Ozzy are living their dream vacation in Prague. The Old Town Bridge Tower is a must-see sight in the Czech Republic. . Ansa, Hercules and Sandy Cheeks are a pair of Westie dogs who live in a van in the back of a Peruvian camper van. The white pups weigh about 15 pounds compared to the average Westie's 15 pounds. Finn the mini doodle looks as good as all those desert cactuses. We just wondered how he made it so far on those little legs. His doggie adventure supplies helped him along the way. We'll only be petting one of them. .

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