Training Your Dog To Stay Off The Furniture: How To Keep Your Pet Off The Couch And Other Furniture

Whether you want your dog to stay off the couch is a personal preference. Owners may choose to keep their dog off the carpet if they have resource guarding issues. If your dog is resource guards, keeping them off the sofa can help with this behavior while training. Most dogs want to be on the couch with you. They want to stay comfortable. Offer them a comforter close by as an alternative to the couch and other furniture. Similar to crate training, make this bed a fun, safe, and fun place for them. Teaching your dog what 'off' and 'go to your bed' means can help you train your dog better to stay on the carpet. Pair your dog getting off the bed with a cue to 'go' and a positive reward, such as a treat and praise. Aversives tools like scat mats, upside-down car mats, or even a loud noise are recommended to get your dog off of the furniture. For some dogs, these methods may also cause a generalized fear of furniture, things that look like the mat and any loud noise. . . .

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