How To Teach Your Dog To Get Off A Scrap Of Food Or A Comfy Place To Sleep

The "off" command is used to tell a dog to get its paws off of something. Dogs usually jump up to get something they want. This can be a food or a comfy place to sleep. This may be a difficult command to teach, but it is possible. Train your dog by telling it to get off. Use a stern voice so the dog knows you mean business. Do not scream. React quickly, as soon as the action has taken place so your dog can connect your command with its action. Don't give the dog one of your stashed treats to lure your dog off. Lure it down with a treat, as needed. Make sure to offer the treat only after your dog has performed this command. Dogs learn quickly that they can get away with certain things. Take sure the dog has a nice spot of its own, such as a dog bed. You can train the dog to command the "go to your place" command. . . .

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