Service Dogs Are Not Real Service Dogs: A Dog'S Guide To Being A Real Service Dog

A service dog is a working dog that is specially trained to help a person with a disability. It is very different from other working dogs like police dogs, cadaver dogs, and search-and-rescue dogs. Neither emotional support dogs nor therapy dogs are considered service animals. There are many types of service dogs. Some serve multiple purposes. Potential service dogs go through rigorous training programs before they can team up with a handler. Handlers of service animals cannot be charged more money because of their dogs, nor can they be denied the rights and access granted to those without service dogs . Never assume that a dog is or is not a service animal. Service dogs should not be petted, fed, or otherwise given attention while at work. They make a big difference in the lives of disabled people. Too many people are trying to pass their dogs off as service animals . It is unprofessional and immoral to pretend your dog is the real service dog. Most states have no laws against this. Even if they did, it would be difficult to prove you are not faking. Put a vest on your pet dog does not make them a service dog . Service dogs can cause damage to property, harass other customers, or create general chaos. Many fake service dogs behave poorly in public , most likely because they have not gone through training. .

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