The "Stay" Command Is An Essential Basic Dog Command That All Dogs Should Learn, According To The Vet Who'S Been Teaching Dogs For More Than 30 Years

The "stay" command is an essential basic dog command that all dogs should learn. A successful "stay' occurs when your dog does not move from the original position. You will need to practice it consistently with your dog. It should be done in five- to 10-minute training sessions. You'll want a dog collar, extra-long leashes (15 to 30 feet if possible), and dog treats that your dog will love. You can use this training on a dog that already knows the cues for sit and/or down. If your dog doesn't know these commands, go back and work on them. Say "stay down" in a firm, clear voice while holding one hand up, palm out (as if to motion "stop") If the dog still doesn't move, give your dog a treat and praise and start over. Do your training in an area without distractions. A busy park is not a good place for this training. There are too many distractions for the dog to focus on your commands. A common mistake is to assume your dog knows the command after a few training sessions and try to end on a positive note. Practice with distractions like a toy or door knocking. Once your dog becomes an expert at staying at home , you no longer have to worry about that. . . .

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