Training A Puppy Is A Challenge, But It’S Also A Great Way To Bond With Your Pup

(max_bytes(150000):striped-icc()/puppy-samoyed-boy-990077-5c89719646e0fb00012c67e8. Puppies may seem happy-go-lucky creatures. When training them, establishing a dog schedule helps them feel secure. Building a routine for your baby and creating rules of the house lets the new baby know what to expect.

Puppy running excited

Establishing a schedule gives your baby something to learn. Changing the rules isn't fair to them or you. The key is for the whole family to agree. Then enforce the rules with consistency. Some things to consider: Is the dog allowed to get on the furniture? You can schedule potty breaks to accommodate the baby. Choice a convenient, easily cleaned and accessible location for potty training. Don t forget to schedule times to pick up the waste. The number of breaks diminishes as the baby matures and develops the ability to wait. Dinner bell means you must choose a specific location and schedule for meals. Agree in advance and warn Grandma not to give in to dog beggars. If you have drinks in the evening, it's best to keep the dog out of sight. A happy dog is a well-behaved dog. Use parts of these fun times to teach and practice basic commands, such as "come. " Just five minutes a day brings back the memory of lessons. . . .

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