Retained Baby Teeth Can Be A Problem For Your Dog If You Don'T Know What To Watch For And If It'S Necessary For Your Pet'S Health

Dogs are born without teeth but grow two full sets of them by the time they are adults. Adult dogs don't lose all of their baby teeth when their adult teeth come in. This can cause issues. Knowing what to watch for and whether or not veterinary intervention is warranted can help prevent bigger problems later in your dog's life. Retained baby teeth are baby teeth that are still in the mouth after adult teeth have erupted. The roots of baby teeth normally reabsorb into the body. This results in loose teeth that easily fall out.

Close-up of a retained canine tooth in a dog.

But with retained baby teeth, the roots do not reabsur. And the baby teeth fill the space where the adult tooth should be. Retired adult teeth can cause problems such as misalignment, improper jaw development, weakened enamel, improper bite, and even periodontal disease. Many dog owners choose to extract any remaining baby teeth after they get their dog spayed or neutered. . .

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