K9 Training Games: Dogs Learn To Find The Scent Of Their Favorite Toy

Police dogs are trained in a similar way to service dogs. They are taught how to do complicated tasks. The actual training involves just games on top of games.

Young German Shepherd learning K9 Training Games

The main difference is the complexity and commitment of training. These dog detectives have been trained in the same way as service dogs . They can use their enhanced sense of smell to find drugs. But they don't know what it is they are looking for. They think they're looking for their favourite toy, ready to have a game of war with their handler. Dogs are trained to recognize the very distinct smells of people. They then are tasked with finding that specific scent in a room of distractory odours. This process is repeated. This involves learning a new smell. You lay next to the smell. As it goes on, the scale of the smell increases. The training for cadaver dogs takes the same general shape as finding out any other smell, but a little different. K9s are highly trained, but like all dogs, they're mainly interested in playing. Games of hide and seek can be used to find bombs or drugs. . . .

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