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Naming your pet is an important step. Some careful thought can lead to the perfect choice. Consider these top human names for dogs when naming the newest member of your fur family. These names could help to reflect your dog's unique personality and make them stand out. :max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/pug-lying-in-meadow-with-dandelions-sweden-pe-533734486-5816357a3df78cc2e891d21f. The name you choose will stay with your dog for a lifetime. Make sure it's something your dog (and friends and family) can learn.

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Long or complex names can make it harder for your dog to learn their identity. Go for a trending name for boys, like Luka or Jace. Or keep it classic with options like Jack or Hugh. If your dog is a little lady, consider one of these top female names. When choosing a funny name for your pet, it can help show off his or her outgoing personality. Here is a list of very human and humorous names for the new dog. Human Names for Dogs A to Z: Dog names for Dogs from B to Z.

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