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Chocolate is such a treat, especially around the holidays. What happens if someone drops a piece of chocolate and a dog steals it? Or what happens if several dogs find an open crate and decide to have an afternoon snack? Dog owners need to be concerned. Theobromine is the main chemical compound in chocolate.

Dr. Erica Irish author of My dog ate chocolate. What do I do?

White chocolate has the highest amount of theobromin, followed by milk chocolate. Semi-sweet and dark chocolate and bakers of chocolate have the highest amounts of thebromin. Small amounts of as much as two ounces can be fatal to a small dog. If your dog has eaten chocolate, then you should immediately contact your veterinarian. Depending on your dog's size and the amount of chocolate consumed, you may be asked to monitor him for gastrointestinal upset. Chocolate is toxic for dogs because dogs cannot metabolize theobromeine the way humans do. Dogs with severe hyperactivity and panting may be given sedatives. . . .

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