What Is A Good Therapy Dog? Dogs Of All Sizes, Breeds, And Size Make A Great Therapy Dog

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/therapy dog training-2804907-FINAL1-5c59c051c9e77c000132acb6. Playing with a dog can raise serotonin and dopamine levels, which calm and relax. Therapy dogs interact with people to offer feelings of well-being or encourage rehabilitation through contact.

illustration of what makes a good therapy dog

All that's needed is a positive dog temperament test and that your dog is healthy. Dogs of all sizes, mutts, or purebreds make great therapy animals. Smaller dogs are great for snuggling in a hospital bed or on a lap. Larger dogs may encourage people to throw a ball for them or stand next to a wheelchair. The Canine Good Citizen program has 10 tests that cover basic behavior training. Dogs must sit up and down on command. They must stay in place on command and obey basic behavioral commands. They should be able to walk through a crowd without being negative to anyone. Some dogs are not suited to be therapy animals because they may have an unknown health condition that prevents them from working. Your dog is evaluated by Therapy Dogs International (TDI) for temperament and suitability. .

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