Train Your Dog To Find Its Bed Or Mat On Command, And You'Ll Be Surprised At How Consistent It Will Be

Train your dog to go to its place to get it to settle down or get out from under your feet. This command is easy to teach your dog. Spend several training sessions working on "down" before the "place" command. Use a command word to bring your dog into its place. Most dogs will automatically go to the bed or mat when the command comes. If your dog is consistently lying down on its mat after you give the "Place" command, you can increase the amount of time it spends there. To do this, slowly add a few seconds before offering the dog a treat after it responds to the commands. If you want to use this command in other rooms, wait until your dog has mastered the command in one place. Then move the dog to another room and start the process again. If you prefer not to move the bed, choose a spot in each room that will serve as your dog's spot. Most dog owners learn this command fairly quickly. A dog who finds its bed and mat on command after a few short training sessions should be able to have a dog with just a few brief training sessions. One of the most common mistakes dog owners make is not being consistent. A little extra time today will save you a lot of trouble in the future. . .

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