What Happens If Your Cat Meets A Scorpion? Are Scorpions To Cats Deadly To Cats?

(Image:max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/GettyImages-5462122191-5c43ba5c46e0fb00016d39c1. Cats are known for their tendency to run after insects and other small creatures. They may play with them and even try to eat them.

Bark scorpion on a log, Arizona

What happens if your cat meets a scorpion? Are Scorpions Deadly to Cats? All scorpions are considered venomous. Most are not deadly. Their venom is a known neurotoxin. Cats that have been stung by scorpions may show the following signs. If you notice your cat hiding uncharacteristically, try to find him and check on his condition. If it's obvious that your cat has been stangled by the scorpion, it's important to act fast. Check your cat for signs of stinging or any other signs of illness. If nothing is found, keep a close eye on the cat for the next few hours. Do not attempt to treat your cat without consulting your veterinary. . . .

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