Berger Picards: What You Need To Know About The French Herding Dog Breed

The BergerPicard is a medium-size dog breed from France. It has a medium-length, wiry coat that has its trademark shaggy beard, eyebrows, and mustache. The breed is strong and muscular, but not too heavy. This allows it to move with speed and power in fields herding livestock. Bergerard is generally energetic and has a bright personality. High intelligence and trainability also shape the breed’s personality. This dog does best in an active household that will provide it with lots of exercise and mental stimulation. It can be stubborn about following commands at times.Berger Picard at a dog show:max bytes(150000):strip_icc()/GettyImages-506085062-ad4f4aab1d904d49bb38d4aca2993abc.jpg).Berger Picard at a dog show:max bytes(150000):strip_icc()/GettyImages-506084654-5fcb1127ff954b76a49bc4090fc20cef.jpg).Berger Picard in an agility competition:max bytes(150000):strip_icc()/GettyImages-506084606-ce0c020ed0c64b6cab94889518ae22ff.jpg). The BergerPicard is an old breed of dog. It was first entered in France's first dog show in 1863. It was only recognized as a distinct breed in 1925. The breed is valued for its strength and determination when herding. It was the star of the 2005 movie "Because of Winn-Dixie" BergerPicard grooming needs are low. But it should receive consistent training and socialization from a young age. For your Berger, Aim for at least two hours of exercise per day. Ideal activities include long walks, games of play, running, cycling, swimming and hiking. The BergerPicard has a soft, insulating undercoat. It doesn't need trimming. This can damage the coat's smell. The coat is not prone to matting. Expect periods of higher shed in the spring and fall. You should brush at least once a week. Berger Picards are smart and can quickly learn commands. Start training and socializing when your dog is a baby. This breed can be sensitive to harsh corrections. They shut down and refuse to learn. Some Berger Picards might be skittish if not well socialized from a young age. Bergerardian is a very healthy dog breed. But it can be prone to some hereditary health issues. Always have fresh water for your dog. Feed it a quality, nutritionally balanced diet. Run both the type of food and the amount by your vet. Bergerard is extremely rare. It might be difficult to find at both rescue groups and breeders. Expect a dog from a responsible breeder to pay around $2,000 to $3,000 on average. Do thorough research before bringing home a BergerPicard. It will make sure the breed is right for your lifestyle. Berger Picards are friendly and devoted to their family. They are moderately tolerant of kids in general, but might be too energetic around young kids. Berger Picards do best in a home with a safe yard in which they can run freely. They are too active for apartment living.Spinone Italiano sitting against a white background:strip_icc()/SpinoneItalianoGettyImages-1094935526Miras Wonderland-ec216e9cbeed4149ac8b42c1adefd9c1.jpg).side view of Lancashire heeler standing looking up and alert at a dog show:strip_icc()/24208350271 &d18dc4b872-f32dd9f65fdd4beb917cc81d61b807df.jpg).two Glen of Imaal terriers on grass:strip_icc()/GettyImages-106465613-0f8331340ab3444fa45ce3063e4f153e.jpg).Norfolk terrier standing outdoors:strip_icc()/NorfolkTerrierStandingonRock-7fdd8b96556a4977accc54ad214361d5.jpg).Sussex spaniel walking:strip_icc()/sussexspaniel.ChrisMcGrath-56a2689a3df78cf772753e5f.jpg).Italian Greyhound dog standing on a rattan rug:strip_icc()/italian greyhound dogbreed profile-4781785-hero-2eacc9293d574d768b57b1f2887be71b.jpg).several Griffon Nivernais dogs in a field:strip_icc()/GriffonNivernais-8a7754cfcfff41e9a6737b2cc633f0e.jpg).Beauceron:strip_icc()/Beauceron images-490105934-25ae952c09734ac58ea04dd2155d16d7.jpg). 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