Cbd Pet Products: What You Need To Know About Using Them With Your Pet

CBD can interact with other medications by either enhancing the effect, or by interfering with the metabolism of some substances. It is important to consult with your veterinarian first before using CBD pet products. Here is what you need to know to protect your pet, and make sure there are no drug interactions.

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CBD is derived from the Hemp plant. However, it can also come from the marijuana plant. CBD hardly ever contains delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is the compound that gives marijuana its “high” effect. High quality CBD is non-toxic and safe for pets and humans alike. Cannabidiol (CBD) extract is quickly gaining popularity as a natural alternative for managing pain, inflammation, and a variety of medical conditions. Recent reports have called into question the safety of CBD when used with other pet meds. Using a low quality or low quality cannabis oil increases the risk of side effects. The FDA has not approved CBD for use in animals. CBD oil may drop blood pressure, resulting in lightheadedness and possibly dizziness in people. CBD together with regular exercise and a healthy diet can help regulate hypertension. It's always best to consult your veterinary doctor for the best advice before buying a CBD product. CBD Oil Interacts with Anti-Seizure Meds . Studies have found significant changes in levels of the drugs clobazam (and its active metabolite N-desmethylclobazamer), topiramate and rufinamide in both adults and children. CBD as a naturally occurring supplement does not cause a “low blood pressure” in pets, but may cause a reaction when combined with anti-seizure meds . Cannabinoids have been shown to inhibit cytochrome P450 enzymes by using up them. CBD can enhance the effectiveness of certain drugs. CBD supplements are great for stimulating appetite in dogs who are undergoing cancer treatment. CBD sets off TRPV2 channels. This makes cancer cells more active. Cannabinoid analysis can be different between laboratories. Finding a high quality pet product needs to be first priority. It should be Hemp-derived, from a trusted pet company/brand, and specially made for pets. There is still no agreed upon analytic method that is used to test accuracy. A Dutch study on Dutch CBD oil shows this. In many cases, the analyzed cannabinoid content differed from the claimed content on the label. Such a deviation was found in home-made as well as commercially obtained products. . . .

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