How To Measure Your Dog'S Collars And Harnesses For Comfort, Style, And Safety

More and more people are buying more collars for their dogs. It's important to know how to properly measure your dog for these items so they can be comfortable and stylish. You will need a tape measure, ideally a 'dressmaker/fabric' tape measure as used for sewing projects. Brachycephalic breeds, that is, those with long necks pushed in faces, tend to have very little neck for a collar. These breeds are perfect for them. They give better control and are less likely to slip off. Other dogs may not always have perfect leashes, even if they are otherwise well behaved. Martingale collars are quickly becoming one of the most popular 'alternative' collars out there. The basic design of a MartingALE collar is that it has two loop. One loop is much larger and that loop falls over your dog's head. . . .

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