Natural Insomnia Treatments For Dogs Can Help You Get A Night'S Sleep

Insomnia is not as common in dogs as it is in people. Even older pups can have health issues and not be able to sleep through the night. There are a number of natural insomnia treatments that may help your dog. If your older dog has always slept well, health issues may be preventing it. Take some time to play at night. Make sure you have a few things on hand to help your pet establish a bedtime routine. Very young pups do better when they can smell you. Cover the crate with a blanket or comforter. Calming products can help calm dogs down. Some sprays can be used to calm your dog's sleeping area. Others are added to the dog's drinking water. Some are chewable. For extreme anxiety, your vet may have prescription medication. Be sure to consult your vet before giving your dog any kind of calm product. Play with your dog a half hour before bed to burn off excess energy. Chasing a cat usually does it for dogs. Cats are naturally more nocturnal. A beam or feather may keep your kitty from waking up the dog. A small late-night meal may do the trick. Music therapy can work well to act as a natural sedative for your pets. Play slow, calm instrumental music at a low volume to soothe your dog and help it sleep. When your dog is into midnight playtime, the biggest mistake you can make is to give it attention. Just ignoring the fun teaches the pet that it won't get attention for disturbing your slumber. If you have trouble practicing tough love, you can always use earplugs. . . .

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