Service Dogs In Training Fail To Make It Through The Training Process

Some service dogs-in-training fail to make it through the process. Many organizations get their dogs from rescue groups. Adopting a failed service dog is a way to keep them from going back into the shelter system. You may have a few more hurdles to jump through. Not all pups are cut out for being a service dog. Dogs may suffer from eye problems like cataracts and joint problems. Too much energy, too much friendliness with strangers, or difficulties on the leashes can prevent a dog from service. There are many national dog organizations that adopt out canines who can't get through training. Service Dogs Inc. , Freedom Service Dogs of America, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and Guide Dogs of North America are some of the most popular. Prices to adopt a career change service dog range from $0 to $1,000. It will take a while to get a failed dog home. Service dog organizations invest a lot in their trainees. You might have to spend upwards of $1 per dog, versus a couple hundred dollars for a dog at a shelter. They may be restricted on breeds. . . .

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