Bad Breath In Dogs Can Be Caused By Anything From Dental Issues To A Run

Dental issues, ear infections, dental issues, and run-ins with wildlife can cause odors on a dog. Sometimes things that smell contain ingredients like sulphur compounds or fermentation products of the yeast, which emit their own distinct odors. Sometimes a bath may be all a dog needs. At other times, veterinary attention is necessary. In dogs, ear infection, skin infections, gum disease and skunk spray can all cause odours. Bad breath is difficult to ignore, especially in a dog that regularly licks your face. Anal glands are two small sacs in the rectum of dogs. If there is an infection somewhere on the body, antibiotics, antifungals, and other medications will need to be prescribed by a veterinary doctor. Sometimes surgery may be necessary to remove the source of the smell. For uncomplicated smells, a gentle bath and regular teeth cleanings can help stop the problematic odor. . . .

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