Great Dane: What You Need To Know About The World'S Largest Dog Breed (And Why They'Re So Cute)

Great Danes are one of the most recognizable dogs in the world. These big pups are big, powerful, and strong. Their size has made them famous, but their friendly nature has also given them the status as one of most popular family dogs in America.

Black and white great dane walking on a grassy cliff next to the coast

Most pups measure from 2. 5 to 2. 8 feet tall.

Excited looking black great Dane with fall trees in the background

The tallest dog on record was a Great Dane named Zeus. Great Danes aren't built for cold temperatures or extreme heat. They don't have a subcutaneous fat layer or the skin and fur combo that would help them cope with the weather. A big yard can be a fun space for the Great Dane, but these are indoor dogs. They are known to be easy to train. However, stubborn individuals exist within all breeds. Early socializing your dog can help them grow into a calm, well-adjusted adult. Puppies need 90 minutes of daily exercise, 2-3 walks per day, and 2-2 walks daily. The biggest issue to look out for is bone cancer. This can be dangerous, as the dog’s stomach can twist.

Brown Great Dane on the top of a mountain scene

The Great Dane is not aggressive. They do not attack unprovoked. They will fit in fine with your family while easily trained. They can suffer from bloat, an enlargement of the stomach filled with air.

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It can also be dangerous for the dog's stomach and intestines, which can deform in the spring and fall. With proper knowledge beforehand, living with one of these puppers will be a joy in your life. . . .

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